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So after 23 years of prison, I begin to try to communicate with the free world.

I hope you that are free, have patience with me. I am flying blind. Yet have so much to say and ask you all.

Believing I have something to offer, I embark upon this journey.  

Prison is a microcosm of the world and yet here, rival gang members live a foot away from each other for years peaceably.

How is that? We have some things I believe we can teach the people in the free world to help bring peace.

Now, if I have ever done you wrong, I apologize. I will try to make it up to you in the future. [Hopefully soon.]

I gave the best years of my life, my prime, helping people.  [I still pray for over 400 people from my past daily, good bad or indifferent.] Sociologists, might be interested in my interactions with people as I detoxed, housed and fed them in my efforts to make a difference, for two decades in the free world.  Interesting enough. the people you often help end up having something against you.

I have a friend whose an animal rights activist. One time a was helping her and noticed she had a wicked long scar on her left tricep. I asked her how she did it and she said, a dog had bit her. I asked, and your still doing this work? She answered, it’s in their nature Dino, I don’t hold it against them. I learned something that day about people and trying to help them.

I hate to toot my own horn with accolades, but after 23 years, many have dropped my pom poms. People who did want to help got tired of trying after so long. Often Christians are no different than the secular people, their love fades. Paul in the bible talked about ‘unfeigned love for the brethren.’ But that’s rare these days.  I have often found that many non-believers practice more moral, ethical and merciful lives than lots of Christians. I’ll address these kinds of things on other occasions.

A desparing man should have the devotion of his friends, even though he forsakes the fear of the Almighty. Job 6:14 [NIV]

When people sin, you should forgive and comfort them, so they won’t give up in despair. 2 Cor 2:7 [CEV]

In my case I was offered 2 years to plead guilty in aiding and abetted a robbery by driving a church member away from a robbery, instead, I went to trial with a duress defense and lost and got 41 years!  

I have done nearly 23 of the 41 years as a model inmate. Teaching men to live godly productive legal lives. Some have written letters in my behalf. I have trained about 23 ministers, about 10 in prison who went on to freedom and ministry.

You can see 100 of the 3000 letters written by people that attest to my past ministry and character.


I’d like your input if you can do it constructively. 

I’ve been a martial artist since 1968.  Fought amateur and professionally.

That led to me training and becoming a bodyguard first in the Boston area, then in Hollywood. 

I became the personal bodyguard to Mrs.. Jack Warner of Warner Bros fame and lived for years at the biggest estate in Beverly Hills.

I met Sylvester Stallone in 1977 during the filming of F.I.S.T. he put me in the movie and quickly I was doing stunt work with some of the best and most acclaimed stuntmen ever. I got in AFTRA then SAG. I worked in about 8 films, did a commercial and worked on 4 different TV shows in production.

But I’ve been out of the loop for many years, first as a pastor, then as a lonely inmate. 

I am seeking clemency so I must be careful about how and what I write about not to mess that up. So I would rather not go into details about my crime nor guilt or innocence.  I publicly accepted responsibility as is required to be considered for clemency and I wish to leave it at that.

I’ve done my best to keep up to date on modern things but I have never held an I phone in my hand. It’s kind of like I fell into a glacier and have been thawing out slowly. So I am handicapped.

I wish to reach out to environmentalists, futurists, advocates for justice reform, sociologists, psychologists, engineers, aeronautical people, and folks from Cal Poly, The US Army Chemical Labs and DARPA.

Also, people in TV production, movies and writers, think tanks and fire fighting folks. Why?

In the early 90’s I invented the first flying machine that cleans smog.  It won second place in the world for the Best Idea of the Year, passed studies at Cal Poly, in the aeronautical and chemical departments, and at the U.S. Army Chemical Labs.

It also passed studies at DARPA who said that “existing blimps could be retrofitted” with my designs.

After 9/11 I redesigned it to counteract a dirty bomb, whether chemical, biological or radiological, which we see now is still needed.

Thanks to cutting edge technologies the airship that passed studies in the 90’s is much more viable and possible now.

It is a low earth platform that can do numerous things for a city, county, state, or country. 

I have worked on feasible designs to clean 100,000+ cubic feet a minute of smog from air, while coasting on lighter-than-air [LTA] means. 

Because this invention is so unique, it has the potential of extracting water out of the atmosphere in huge amounts to deliver it to drought stricken land to prevent wildfires, or out of the sea minus the salt to deliver anywhere in the world outdoors, or to water, parks, golf courses, farms etc…  This will also save water.

Some older drawings and papers are on my website,, that might give you an idea of this invention, and its merits. 

This invention has been in magazines, on TV news in both the U.S. and E.U.

It was so unique that it started its own patent category, since a flying vacuum cleaner had never been invented.

Three top aerospace and aircraft manufacturers saw it and said they could build it. 

It also has a rescue system that can deploy or evacuate 100 people at a time so, no more spinning baskets under helicopters.

I also held a patent for a alternate landing system for helicopters in a loss of power, [May Day/crashing] situation, that also saves lives and property. During the Afghanistan War, we were losing a chopper a week, with up to 18 soldiers in each one of them!

If I can come home on clemency, I’d like to build these somewhere in Southern California but we cannot for the life of us, get the attention or the interest of California politicians even though this project can bring huge revenues and jobs to any area.

New Paradigm Digest said my airship could start a 500 billion dollar industry.

Is there anyone out there that can help? You have a way to get to the right U.S. congress person, or senator.  Or a California state representative, mayor or governor, who might could help that you can get this project to?

We have 14 million people in 300+ organizations trying and have been basically ignored.

I have a bachelor’s in religious education. [But don’t hold that against me if your not religious.] And a master’s in counseling.

I have written a screenplay about all this and wish to produce it as a TV show or Streaming show when I come home. But things have changed since I worked on shows like Benson, or Making A Living, so I have questions I need help with.

Would you interact with a model inmate?  Who once served his community with vigor. Who traveled the country to inspire youth, the lost and addicted.

Who guarded some of the richest and most famous people in the world.

When I came to prison I started a think tank, so inmates could change their thinking about society, how maybe we could take this time to think of ways to solve problems instead of creating them.

We have had ex-CIA and White House contractors in our group. 

A former 40 year stunt vet that held 8 Guinness book of world records, the second cousin of Elvis Presley, that worked in over 400 movies and who had his own trailer at Paramount for 7 years doubling a star on Star Trek. 

He designed a new type of wind turbine that made the old three props obsolete, that tested so high that NASA partnered with him after testing it. We worked on two of the same movies together in the 70’s. 

If you only knew the talented people that are in prison, who could be helping others and our country so much instead of rotting in a cell or dorm just getting old and unhealthy. All they need is a little guidance and supervision like in other countries and a chance to redeem themselves in a system that has no federal parole.

The federal system is a long way from the revolving door of the county and state systems. Very very few ever make bail in the federal system, and sentences are much longer than these other systems.

Please excuse my grammar and syntax as I don’t have those checks on our computer programs here.  We are only allowed 15 minutes at a time, then have to wait 15 more minutes, to get back on, for a total of one hour per day total so I race to get all my stuff done and out. 


Some things the airship will be able to do:

Clean smog.

Make usable water to drop.

Guard sensitive sites like borders or nuclear power plants, at a fraction of the cost of a jet fighter.

Counteract toxic releases.

Bring an ER hospital to any site in the world.

Bring first responders to inaccessible sites after disasters like earthquakes or tornados. 

[Remember the people stranded on freeways for 18 hours in the cold, we can get there and help them.]

Bring water or power to any disaster.

Evacuate or deploy hundreds at once. [Like off a burning ship at sea.]

It has a huge H-D electronic billboard to warn the public and make money for operations through advertising.

The ability for mass transportation of people or equipment.

To act as a flying hangar for drones or jets.

To carry Dragon Eggs to help put out fires.

The ability to either carry low frequency pulse drones for fire suppression or for the ship itself to use sound to put out fires.

Traffic, weather, monitoring.

We see fires from above and get to them quickly [at 200 mph] and can attack them in previously impossible places such as, tall buildings including mid-building, or the sides of mountains that are vertical. 

We can make use of down wind so we are not flying at 185 mph when dropping water or agent. Like airplanes do. We can drop and go straight up or come down in like manner to cool radiant heat.

I need to know where I can find the latest advances in aeronautics, especially LTAs, and Hybrids, including the use of hydrogen instead of helium, for near neutral, or neutral, buoyancy airships.

Are there expansion bladders that are fireproof?

What does it cost to do computer modeling and simulation.

Are there moonlighters with experience that can keep my costs down and do this kind of service for me off 2-D drawings and turn them into 3-D like with Autodesk Inventor Series type programs.

Is there a college like Emery-Riddle or Cal Poly Tech San Luis Obispo [that did our first studies] that would be willing to work with me on such a project like this to help save lives and property? Even though I am a prisoner, who’s trying to make a difference and teach other prisoners that society will give us a chance if we just live right. 

If you’d like to help with Justice Reform, please contact us. 

I’ve read about Cloud Lighting, the method of throwing up salt water into the atmosphere to make the clouds more reflective to bounce back sun rays to lessen the Green House effects of climate change.  Well I believe my airship can do that much better then the proposals of doing it from ocean going ships.  We can pick up the salt water and then rise to 10,000 feet to thrust the salt water into the atmosphere at a much closer place.

Even Ozone repair might be easier and work better with a low-earth higher altitude platform like ours. I have designed new ways of propulsion, handling of air, ballast, removal of previous weaknesses of dirigibles, zeppelins, or LTAs, to new and greatly improved cutting edge airships that have the approval of the people in the know.

I read where smog is being dealt with through catalytic conversion. How is that proceeding?  At what stage is this process and what is the largest catalytic converter made at this time?  

I hope you can help me for it’s our planet, our environment, and our and our family’s lives we are trying to save.

Thank You,

Dino Gentile



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