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So listen folks, don’t trip about me being a former Pastor. I will try not to preach much, I am mainly interested in finding out how the world has changed in the last 23 years. What the latest and most remarkable cutting-edge technologies are and which are happening. That we might use to reverse the wildfire and drought problem.

I like what Bill Maher says about religion, how it’s the source of many of the world’s problems. The word religion in the bible is sometimes the word superstition. So I agree. I will try to write objectively and voice some things I have been wishing to say for decades.

Try to remember they offered me 2 years to plead guilty and instead, I went to trial and got 41. And have done, 23, which is over 11 times my debt to society so I hope you can be fair and helpful to me. When I was free, I often went to court to speak on behalf of people who ran into trouble. I put a gentleman in prison through college at my own expense and welcomed ex-cons into my church, so I hope I can get some of the same treatment now that I am a convict.

Are there any aeronautical people who can tell me where to get the latest developments in LTA, including books, or websites? What are the latest materials being used? I see hydrogen is being used or proposed. I understand that near neutral buoyancy and the like are also a trend with blimps, zeppelins, dirigibles, etc.

Where would I find people proficient in computer simulation and modeling that might help us with this project?
In the past, when I did studies in chemical and aeronautical analytics, I used graduate students at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Can you recommend places I can find such people who might just want to donate their time to help us overcome this massive problem of wildfires and droughts by this system?


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