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Here’s what was my intent since I was 13 years old.

So I write some things I think are of value to you.
Yet I compete for your attention in a world of distraction, many that have little value.

It’s all about “men rea”…”intent.” Here’s what was my intent since I was 13 years old.
To be a bodyguard, to protect and serve, those in need of protection services.

Never did I think in a million years I would end up a pastor. But somehow I ended up in that position. And I learned so
much about people and their idiosyncrasies. I believe this info can help many of you, to avoid the pitfalls I fell into.

Or to understand that you are not alone when it comes to people and how horrible some can be. Even the ones you love and think in many ways are good.

Just so you can have some faith in what I say, think of this. When I was an evangelist, I traveled the country, testifying about my past, my sins and many endeavors. So as an open book, why would I lie now?

I wanted to keep religion out of this narrative. But I now realize it’s a part of my life. But I also side with non-believers in many things that make them cringe when they think of religion and the so-called church. Many things.

So I hope you will read my reflections whether they are about, Hollywood, stunt work, stars, bodyguard jobs, or dealing with people and their many peccadilloes. I feel I need to do this since my voice has been silent for 23 years and I don’t want people to get the wrong perception about me.

I know what it is like to be the son of an alien. A foreigner. My mom was from north of Naples, Italy, and came to the U.S. with my dad right after World War II. She spoke very little English and almost immediately, my dad cheated on her. She found out and we, [mom, my sister and I], left him and went to Italy.

I spent time there even though I was born in Massachusetts, and we struggled hard and went back and forth from Mass to Italy for years. My mom was a virtual slave. We lived with people whose houses my mom cleaned and cooked for, just for room and board. No money.

The people, many of them, abused us. Verbally, physically and sexually. That’s the truth. So when people think of me as an old white man whose privileged, they have no idea. We got evicted once for breaking a window that cost $12 to fix when we couldn’t come up with the money.

If the lady downstairs at one place didn’t overcook, we might not eat. My mom, sis and I slept in one bed for years. Visitors joined us if you can believe that, 5 in one bed! As I grew up, I missed out on many jobs due to Affirmative Action. Even though Italians were a minority in New Bedford, I got passed up for jobs due to not being Black or Latino. Do you know what my attitude was?
“Hey, if these minorities haven’t had a break in 150 years, then…give the job to them. I will find other work.” Even when I qualified as number 2 in the whole city.

I never said, “Hey the Black man or the Brown man is holding me down.” So, I know what it is like to have my mom come from another country and struggle be made fun of for her accent and see her nearly in the form of slavery. Maybe not in chains or being sold, that’s for sure but, I bet my experience growing up was a lot closer to slavery than many others. And, I also can relate to undocumented aliens since mom was a “legal” alien.

I didn’t have a baseball glove until I was 12 years old. No hockey skates either until that age. They were used and so worn out they gave no ankle support whatsoever. I looked like Milton Bearle doing his busted ankle routine. Saved all summer for a $14 fishing pole and lost the deposit because I couldn’t pay the balance. Kids at school called me “brown pants” and my sister, “green skirt.” Since we wore the same clothes everyday. Even though they were clean.

So when people like Sunny Hostins from the View or whatever her name is, says Twitter is “just a bunch of old, straight, white guys.” I think that’s very prejudicial. First of all, I was born or assigned a man at birth. I had no choice of that. I also have white or light skin. I had no choice of that, and big secret, everyone will eventually get old. Wow, does she realize that?
Hey if gay people say they were “born that way” and to not hold it against them, shouldn’t those born, heterosexuals be given the same consideration?

Sunny is married to a man I believe so she is “straight” so how do you put that down? I think she’s in her 50s which by the rating of kids today, makes her old. She never got to pick her gender or skin color either. So, why hold that against people? This kind of thinking is what foments hate. If born pretty or ugly, it’s not our fault or choice, is it?

I have spent over 23 years in prison with people of color. There are many, many here that think of me as a brother. And I them. We sometimes joke about race and opinions about race. And as a Pentecostal preacher, I have preached for black and sometimes, all-black churches who are some of the finest people on the planet who treated me with incredible respect and honor. And I them.

I write all this stuff for posterity. So someone whose interested might want to know who I really am. Above the whole aiding and abetting in a bank robbery label. If we only know people by their worse acts, soon the whole world will have its skirt blown up over its head. For I agree with the bible saying that, “We have all sinned…” Many believe this then condemn others when it happens.

These are frightening times and we are in need to get prepared. I am an environmentalist. I patented the first fling machine to clean smog. It was rushed through the patent office with a “Environmental Priority.”

I like a lot of what the democratic party stands for. And I once helped Barak Obama and Joe Biden to get elected and reelected. By contacting and explaining to my 14 million supporters why they should vote for these two men. I thought what Mr. Obama did in office was very much honorable for a president and I was proud of how he carried himself.

I tried to enunciate to the people who I worked with in his election that there were people who were not Republican Conservatives but, Christian Conservatives. And that this group would help get him elected. It’s those Christians who cringe when Mr. Trump acted like a child. Even a spoiled brat and made fun of people even disabled people.

Who when asked if he had ever “repented” of his sins, he said he didn’t have anything to repent about! Hey, every form of Christianity says we all need to repent. He had to pick a denomination then asked the media if it was a good one!

To me, this is an embarrassment. Did Mr. Trump help many Christian causes? Yes, but he had to, to get Christians to be his base. Many of the things he did were because of his daughter, and son-in-law, pushing for them. The thing about the stealing of the election and the assault on the capitol was horrible and totally his fault. If you or I had done that, we’d of been arrested in a minute, but rules are different for rulers, aren’t they?

Sad thing is, I also helped Mr. Trump get elected. I asked my followers to vote for him over Hillary. He promised so much to the prisoner, and when it was time to perform, and release 7000 of us that were promised clemency, he was curled up in a ball in the Oval Office sucking his thumb worried about pardoning himself.

He would rather pardon a rapper who has a million followers on Twitter than a Pentecostal preacher who spent decades serving his community. And that’s his choice. Pray for rain, and deal with the mud. Such is life.

People will blow your mind. As a pastor, I rescued a talented builder from the street and off crack. Put him in my own house.
He began to help with the church and immediately started stealing when sent to Home Depot. I gently and patiently dealt with that. He helped me with church projects. I went to court to speak to the judge in his behalf, and gave him a job.

Even though I put him through bible college at my own expense. He eventually stole the ATM card of a neighboring store owner next to our Thrift Store and somehow figured out the passcode, stole $500 and when I confronted him as he was high on the couch of our Teen Outreach and I berated him after taking him outside privately, do you know what happened?

The neighbor who I was partners with on a different project, who he ripped off, sided with him and they both bad-mouthed me about how mean I was to all that would hear! That’s what life, the ministry and people are all about. Which is why I say, people who need people, are the most miserable people in the world.

He went on to be very successful. And when I came to prison over this crazy case, you know what he did for me in return?
Nothing. In the words of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. “And so it goes.”


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