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Another Rascal

Another Rascal,

So let me tell you about another character in my life that was strictly a thorn in my side. This was a member of a different church that wanted to attend our young minister’s course and become a licensed minister. His pastor tried to warn me that he was trouble but, I in my zeal, took him in nevertheless.

I spent countless hours teaching him for many months. I put up with his, premadonna ways, a true mama’s boy who had to have everything his way and who was very very sarcastic towards others.

When he finally received his minister’s license he became a monster. Got into a beef with members of my church that were totally wonderful , super humble and kind when they refused to do something he had asked of them. So it got down to one of those, “it’s them or me” things he said to me. I chose them.

He left my church and went throughout the San Fernando Valley bad-mouthing me. Each minister that let him in got to learn what I had learned about him. They called me and told me the things he’d done to them. Just like the former pastor of this gent warned me and I learned.

Finally, one day he showed up at my church again and he said he was destitute and broke and had no groceries but had a chance for a job but, he needed a car and that he and his mom needed money. I took my last $800 and gave it to him to buy a car and loaded him up with groceries.

He stood up in my church and testified how wonderful I and my wife had been to be so gracious to him after all the bad-mouthing he’d done about me.

Then I caught this case, came to prison, and someone sent me a posting of his about me online. How there is video of me jumping over the counter in a bank robbery.

To this day, I have never been into the bank of my crime. I never threatened anyone nor even spoke to any of the victims.
Neither did I have a weapon and was only charged with, aiding and abetting those things. But, this is what a minister has to go through when vicious people are allowed to abuse their freedoms.

I’ve had some to follow me, for just a bite to eat,
Others came in hopes that I would heal their crippled feet,
When they were not hungry, they walked straight and tall,
They’d forget, we’d ever met, they hardly knew me at all.

From the song by the Ewings from the point of view of Jesus Christ.


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